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Information and Referral

Our Mission

To link people with needs to the appropriate resources to meet their needs.


Database of Community Resources

A searchable database of agencies and organizations in the Cabell-Wayne County area.

Internet Address for the Database:

The Database of Community Resources for Cabell and Wayne County, WV, is maintained by Information and Referral Service and located on the Cabell County Public Library’s website.


How to use the I&R Database

AGENCY NAME: If you know the name of the agency, use the “Agency Name” box: Type just one unique word in the title. For example, if looking for “Mountain State Centers for Independent Living,” type: “ Independent“ in the “Agency Name” box and enter “Search.” A short list of choices would pop up with that word in their name. Click on the desired agency.

SUBJECT AREA: If you aren’t sure of the agency name, use the “Subject Area” box: Type the first letter of the chosen subject and scroll through the various subject names. For example, if looking for substance abuse programs, type the letter “ S “. The word “Safety” will pop up. Scroll through the subjects beginning with “S” until you find “Substance Abuse”. Enter “Search”.

COUNTY SERVED: If you want a listing of all agencies in a particular county, select that county’s name from the drop down box and enter “Search”. Notice that Cabell and Wayne Co. are listed at the top of this box.
To conduct a subject search for a specific county, click on the desired subject and county, before entering “Search” .

DELETING A SEARCH: To clear a box before conducting a new search, scroll to the very top and click on the solid blue line. The box will become empty. 


  • Links to community resources for services, financial assistance, and information 
  • Centralized intake and assessment center for determination of service eligibility among many agencies
  • Resource clearinghouse for financial assistance among certain community agencies and churches
  • Christmas Bureau for confidential registration of families needing/receiving holiday assistance

You can find the answers to these common questions at Information and Referral.

  • We are out of food. Where can we get help?
  • Are there grief support groups in Huntington?
  • My electricity has been shut off and I don’t have enough money to get it back on.
  • My niece is being abused by her boyfriend. Is there an organization that can talk to her about her options?
  • How can I get my birth certificate?
  • I am being evicted and have nowhere to live. What can I do?
  • I’m sick and can’t afford to go to a doctor What can I do?
    And more…


3rd floor Cabell County Public Library 
455 9th Street
Huntington, WV 25701
Monday-Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Contact Us:

Tel: +1 304-528-5660
Fax: +1 304-399-3501(Attn: I & R)